Clarks announces closure of Somerset factory after failing to reach targets


Clarks, one of the best factories in Somerset, has announced its closure. The UK manufacturing unit in Street will shut down as they failed to reach their production targets and objectives. 

It was reported that workers are now directed to consultation and a total of 49 jobs could possibly be lost. The only operation left would be at the Morelight Factory which was established in 2017.

A spokesperson for Clarks expressed that in Clarks, they are constantly examining the means of their business and caring for the ever-changing retail landscape, and their customers’ satisfaction would be their priority.

Also, the spokesperson expressed that regardless of their best efforts, they have concluded that the standards for production and cost targets they hoped for cannot be attained in a short to medium run.

The company assures that they will remain to protect all of the employees that have actively been there with them all through the process.

As this news circulates through the residents, there have been dissatisfactions seen on social media.

It was said that employees were being called back in tomorrow morning, January 16, to know more about what and why this is happening. This was expressed by a wife, whose husband is one of the employees who lost their job.

The factory started operating in 2017 and for the first time since 2006, they brought the manufacturing of Clarks shoes back to the UK.

In 2006, the production of Clarks factory in Cumbria was closed. Then the manufacturing was transferred to the Far East; however, Morelight factory was the one to bring the production back home.

Shoes will now go on to be manufactured outside of United Kingdom since the pilot hasn’t worked.

Clarks Factory has been making shoes since 1825.