Clarks Expounds On Somerset Factory Closure After Failing To Meet Target


Clarks factory in Somerset is going to be closed very soon despite it being the most popular factory in Somerset. The shutdown of the United Kingdom’s only manufacturing unit is as a result of the failure to attain the cost and production targets. The company deals with the production of shoes.

The Morelight factory opened in 2017 as a pilot program on the street. It will be the only unit of the Clarks industry to be affected. According to Clarks’ spokesperson, the company is continuously examining the conduct of their business worldwide due to the changing retail market. The anticipated production targets and cost have proved hard to be met in short or medium term, hence the decision towards its unexpected closure.

Impacts of the closure on its workers

This news is a shock to many of the employers and their families. The Somerset factory has around forty-nine employees who are currently at the brink of losing their job. However, consultations are being done on the issue. The company has acknowledged that they have a duty and responsibility towards their workers at the unit and has promised to offer support throughout the whole process. According to the wife of one of the workers, all the staff from that unit have been invited for more talks.

Clarks Shoe Company was founded in 1825. It deals with the manufacturing of slippers, boots, and shoes. This company is one of the leading shoemaking industries; hence, the news is a big frustration to the residents of Somerset. The company re-opened the unit back in the country after it was closed down in 2006.