Collapsed culvert repairs protects Devon homes


The repair of a 75m stretch of collapsed culvert in Biddeford when completed will help protect at least 25 homes from flood related cases in Devon, the City Council has said. The expansive structure collapsed some 18 months ago causing a sinkhole at ground level that exposed hundreds of occupants and surrounding properties to flood related risks.

A statement from the council says although the culvert in Moreton Park Road has been deteriorating for some time, there are serious challenges and “extremely complex” issues with its replacement since the structure routes through private gardens and is very close to a number of houses.

The project is been handled by Bridge Civil Engineering, a construction giant in Devon with funds for the project coming from Defra Flood Defence Grant in Aid, Devon County Council and an insurer of one of the affected properties.

According to Roger Croad, a Devon County Council cabinet member with responsibility for flood protection, “The responsibility for this work rests with the landowners next to the watercourse, however the collapse of the culvert had put a number of other properties at risk of flooding. The residents along the line of the culvert would’ve faced a significant bill if the council hadn’t stepped in, but it was right that we acted on behalf of the residents for the good of the area.”

The culvert project is part of other numerous projects being currently handled by the City council in Devon.

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