Condemnation Of Redundancy Letters From The Unitary Dorset Council

west dorset council offices

Letters of caution concerning impending redundancies that were dispersed to council employees have been met with widespread shock and have drawn strong criticism. The newly formed Dorset council communicated that it had procedurally informed workers who might be affected by the scrapping of 117 administrative positions upon the union of six local jurisdictions in April. However, the labour party and unison assert that the process has been prematurely initiated, yet it was meant to commence after the establishment of the new authority.

Dorset council claims that its decisions were inspired by the desire to minimize management and duplication costs. Additionally, the restructuring of the local government will involve the merger of West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland, Purbeck, North Dorset, East Dorset and Dorset county to create a novel unitary council. Moreover, a spokesperson representing the shadow authority opines that consultation will be made regarding the reduction of compulsory redundancies by means of voluntary departures and vacancy management.

The actions of the council have triggered angst and condemnation from staff according to a report from the local democracy reporting agency. However, Tony Ferrari, a brief holder from the new local authority, insists that the move will lead to immense savings in the future if the job losses are initiated promptly. He supports this argument by adding that the savings that will be available to the council upon the termination of those affected posts will be utilized on other front-line programs.

Despite the argument by Ferrari, the West Dorset Labor Party believes that the council has contravened the established procedure concerning restructuring by issuing letters to two hundred employees. Moreover, the party feels that the move to avoid consulting staff before making the decision to terminate some posts is totally unjust. Furthermore, the party feels that it is unfair to scrap some jobs before the completion of the restructuring process.