Convict Escapes Devon Prison in Broad Daylight; Authorities Puzzled


A Devon prison is puzzled and is currently investigating on how one of its prisoners managed to escape in broad daylight from its walls while a getaway car was waiting for him, the authorities said today. Miley Conors, a convicted burglar, escaped from his prison cell and is on the run as he disappeared from HMP Channings Wood.

Residents in the area have already pointed out a location outside the prison walls where three other people allegedly were inside a vehicle waiting for the prisoner to come. The prison management declined to comment on how the convict escaped and dodged the prison guards while the investigation is currently ongoing.

In connection with this development, the Ministry of Justice has already confirmed that they already started an investigation on how the jailbreak happened. However, it was not confirmed if the result of the investigation and how the prisoner escaped will be made public in the future.

The police authorities have also launched a manhunt operation immediately after the convict escaped from prison last Monday. Local residents living within the area was not really concerned with the escape thinking that the suspect is already gone.

HMP Channings, which was built in 1974 and is located in the rural villages of East Ogwell and Denbury, is a category C closed jail. This means that the prisoners in the establishment are those that cannot be trusted in open conditions but are not likely to escape.

Connors, 24, who hails from Dublin, was convicted and sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment at Reading Crown Court last year. He pleaded guilty of conspiracy to commit burglary and possession of a stolen vehicle. Devon and Cornwall police have been conducting an investigation about the escaped as they try to find the missing prisoner.


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