Cornwall braces itself for ‘blood rain’ next week with air pollution warning


A rare phenomenon is going to happen on Cornwall starting on Tuesday this week. Known as “blood rain”, it’s expected to hit on the swathes of the South West this upcoming week.
The occurrence will pour red-colored rain from the skies. This rare significant event is known to be caused by the sand and dust particles carried by the strong winds from deserts and are transported to places by the strong winds.

It is expected that the Scilly Isles and Cornwall will be hit by the red rain, which possibly has dust taken from the Sahara Desert, particularly in Morocco’s side. According to Kernow Weather Team, by Tuesday, the Isle of Scilly and Cornwall will experience strong dusty air. In addition to the report, there is a growing broad upper low that pushes the dust from Morocco.

In this manner, air pollution is being pushed upwards and could bring some problems especially to people that have breathing difficulties. It is said by the weather team that they predict sharp and strong rainfall this coming Tuesday. It’s also likely that this rain would have an orange tint to it.

However, Saharan dust has the ability to come up to higher altitudes and could have pass vast distances that is caused by the strong winds. As what the Met office said, as the raindrops falls, reaching the lower ground, it collects dust particles as it goes all the way down, which causes the ‘blood rain’. Eventually, when the raindrops hit something, it then evaporates thus leaving the dust particles forming into a layer.

It is also expected for the temperature to hit 19C over the South West on Tuesday which follows the record-breaking Bank holiday sunshine. On Sunday, it is also expected to have dusty skies on some part of Southern Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Malta, and islands in the western Mediterranean.



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