Cornwall Councillors call for immediate action against Global Warming


The Liberal Democrat Council of Cornwall has a fresh agenda on their plate for the next session – Global Warming. A phenomenon that has been affecting the earth’s atmosphere for the past few decades is on the rise, faster than ever.

Proposed by the Liberal Democrat councilor Dominic Fairman, the motion calls on the authorities for immediate action against climate change. The motion will go before a conference of all 123 council members on January 22 which proposes to direct the authority’s time and resources to come up with a plan to minimize carbon emissions and move towards a carbon-neutral Cornwall.

The panel of 123 members will be requested to vote on the motion which proposes to ready a report within a time period of six months on how Cornwall may decrease carbon emissions through energy efficient methods such as investment in low-carbon fuels as well as renewable energy sources. The plan also proposes to achieve all its objectives in a timescale consistent with restraining the Global Warming levels to 1.5°C.

Fairman is ambitious about his project and hopes to shape an action plan to fight climate change as soon as possible. His vision also received support from the council’s Cabinet member for transport, Geoff Brown, and deputy leader Julian German.

Calling out to the council members, Fairman highlighted how Cornwall was at a direct risk with increased extreme weather events, coastal erosion, and flooding in the regions. He further stated a few points necessary to tackle the rising fuel poverty:

  1. Making the city homes more energy efficient
  2. Switching towards electric vehicles from fossil fuel run vehicles
  3. Cleaner public transport

The head of the Liberal Democratic Group also expressed his support for the motion. In an open statement, he said: “For all the current fuss about whether Britain leaves the European Union, there is no doubt that the impact of climate change on our planet is an even more significant issue and could well determine our very survival.”

Cornwall Council has already begun work towards a cleaner environment with the signature of the Nottingham Declaration in 2010. With the scientific data available at their hands, they agreed on achieving a considerable reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases. Further, the council launched the Sustainable Energy Action Plan in 2013 and used an Environmental Growth Strategy in 2016.