Cornwall Search For Cardiff City Striker Continues


The rescue search of a plane belonging to Cardiff City Striker, Emiliano Sala, has been boosted by the additional rescue helicopter from Cornwall. The aeroplane is believed to have been lost in the English Channel. The coastguard helicopter has joined efforts to help locate Sala’s missing plane. The crew of the helicopter spent the early hours of Tuesday morning looking for the missing plane.

The missing plane is suspected to have disappeared from the air while the multi-million-pound footballer striker was onboard. This happened after the Cardiff City’s record signing Emiliano Sala completed his move from Nante to the club to compete in the Premier League. Cardiff City bought Sala at 15 million pounds.

According to the Mirror’s report, Emiliano Sala was returning to France after completing his move to Cardiff City. He was to join training with the rest of the team on Tuesday. As reported by journalists, Sala was seen going across the border in Nantes. However, this information is unconfirmed. It’s yet to be confirmed whether he was in the ill-fated plane during the time of the crash.

A Police Statement On The Ill-Fated Plane

According to the police report, the plane was moving from Nantes to Cardiff City when it went missing in the English Channel near the Channels Islands. The statement released by the people indicates that the search operation is still ongoing after the plane disappeared several hours ago.

There are two helicopters involved in the search. However, alongside the helicopters, there are two lifeboats in the search. Currently, the helicopter has returned to Cardiff for re-fuelling before resuming to the rescue mission.

Why Did Cardiff City Sign In Sala For The Premier League?

Sala had been rated the third-best this season in the league 1. This means that he was lagging behind Kylian Mbappe and Nicolas Pepe respectively. Cardiff City has been eying on this skilled striker to safeguard their stay in the premier league competitions beyond the season. Cardiff City has performed poorly this season, and its managers were looking to buy players to rejuvenate their lost glory.