£460,000 funding boost to tackle North Somerset youth crime


North Somerset and other parts of the South West will soon be benefiting from the funding boost to target the ‘root causes’ of youth crime.

Sue Mountstevens, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), who bid for the Government grant with help from children’s charity Barnardo’s, says the money will fund a new service to help young people at risk of becoming offenders. The service will work directly with children and young people in North Somerset and some other areas in the South West to resolve conflicts and help support families. It will provide the much needed help to guide the younger ones on the right path and make them responsible citizens.

According to Ms Mountstevens, the service will give the opportunity to work with children and their families to prevent young people from getting drawn into a life of crime. It will try to solve problems that lead to young people falling into these activities. It will also support those who have already offended to help steer them in a different, more positive direction. The root/foundational problems that lead to a life of crime will be determined and targeted in North Somerset.

The Home Office’s Early Intervention Youth Fund is designed to safeguard young people at risk of criminal involvement, gang exploitation and ‘county lines’ drugs trafficking. The service is supposed to help improve the quality of life of the youth, get them on the right path and create a safer environment for living.

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