A Man who stabbed his girlfriend to death is sentenced life imprisonment


Ioan Campeanu, 44  is facing life imprisonment after  stabbing his pregnant girlfriend to death. Andra Hilitanu 28 was stabbed 40 times using a pair of scissors .

It was reported that after plunging the scissor on the victim’s neck, the suspect went off to “visit the queen” and left the victim dying.

The suspect drove for 2 hours around the central London past Buckingham Palace and called 999 when he returned to his flat in  London.

According to the police, Hilitanu could survive the stab wounds and could stay alive for over 20 minutes if immediate medical attention was available.

Campeanum was guilty of the murder of his 7-month pregnant girlfriend as well as the death of the unborn baby. He will be charged for lifetime imprisonment with a minimum sentence of 26 years for his  girlfriend’s murder and minimum of 14 years for the unborn baby’s death.

Mr. Justice Jacobs, sentencing judge said “Mother-of-two Ms. Hilitanu suffered a “horrible” death, alone and far from her home country.

The victim suffered 40 horrible stab wounds, which include 4 to the neck and other force injuries during the attacks in her  flat.

Campeanum told the judge that the victim’s injuries on her pelvis were self inflicted because Hilitanu didn’t want the baby. The senior judge rejected his claim and told Campeanum that “This was a prolonged and brutal attack in which you showed her no mercy. The terror and agony which she must have suffered are awful to contemplate. “

During the mitigation, Michael Bromley-Martin QC described this case as a horror case.  He also said that this murder case should be a lesson about the horrifying effects of drug addiction to cocaine.

It was reported that the suspect was under the influence of drugs when the incident happened. The suspect thought of visiting the queen to ask for medical assistance.

Also during the mitigation, Prosecutor Brian O’Neill QC said that “a” self-induced intoxication” is no mitigation. He also pointed out that Campeanu denied any mental health issues when he was interviewed by social workers at the day prior to the killing.

It was reported in  court that Campeanu kicked Hilitanu in the groin and shouted that he will kill Hilitanu and eat her flesh.

Ramona Hilitanu, victim’s older sister also expressed that Anrda Hilitanu’s future was brutally taken away. She also said that she does not disgust Campeanu, but she is downheartedly affected by the incident.  She also said that she is distressed by the fact that Campeanu heartlessly left Andra dying.