Alleged Cocaine Smugglers to Stand Trial


This year, the UK Border Forces seized two separate boats in Cornwall port suspected of smuggling a Class A drug, cocaine.

In the coming year, two distinct trials involving the alleged smuggling will take place at Bristol Crown Court outside Cornwall because of the nature of the case.

The UK Border Forces brought both seized vessels into Newlyn harbour independently. The first case which happened in July 2018 involves two Dutch men – Emile Adriaan Jeroen Schoemaker, 44, and Maarten Peter Pieterse, 59 – who have been charged for smuggling drugs on the SY Marcia.

Prior to the trial which will take place on January 14, 2019, at Bristol Crown Court, for two weeks, both men have denied carrying or concealing cocaine.

The other case involves five men whose catamaran was seized at Newlyn on August 30. The men first appeared at the court in Bristol on November 23, 2018, for a pretrial hearing.

Three of the five men – Nigel Clark, 63, (Bournemouth), Dean Waters, 60, (Bristol) and Raymond Dijkstra, 27, (Netherlands) – are charged with two offences, conspiracy to import cocaine, and of possessing a Class A drug (cocaine) on a ship.

The other two suspects Richard Must, 48, (Estonia) and Voldemars Gailis, 20, (Latvia) have denied the charge of importing a controlled drug.

However, the five of them will appear for a review hearing at Bristol on February 4 before the trial which will also take place at Bristol Crown Court on February 11, 2019.


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