Case Closed As “Accidental Death” For Corsham Drug Dependent Who Was Found Dead In His Own Home


37-year-old drug dependent, William Maslen, was found dead by his friends who were visiting to check him up. His postmortem reveals an overdose of depressive drugs, which includes heroin, methamphetamine, and xanex.

The police report indicates William’s parents, Susan and Richard, being fully aware of his drug abuse activities which began in his early twenties. He had been doing this for so long, but it was brought under control by his mother. He had been reportedly gone seriously ill due to his overuse of drugs. He was also enrolled in a rehabilitation center in January of last year where he only got to stay for two weeks. He was supposed to take the rehabilitation program for three months.

Amidst his concurrence to stay away from drug use and abuse, his friends reported that he has been occasionally taking in again due to his anxiety and depression. He had managed to abstain drug use for four months before engaging in one again in June.

Mark Whitts also shared his experience about William’s frequent use of drugs and his intoxications, saying that William gets the shakes and anxieties if he does not take drugs or get drunk.

Coroner’s court closed his death as accidental on September 12, 2018.