CCTV Solved 13 of Devon’s Most Shocking Crimes


The use of surveillance cameras is regularly criticised as an attack on our freedom, but these cameras are one of the most effective tools used by the police to solve crime.

Many of the cases regularly heard in the court in Devon would not be solved without the aid of filmed footage used to gather evidence.


One of such is the case of ambulance technician Anna Mogford, 38, who was found guilty of snatching the purse of an 87-year-old patient and taking £1400 from her bank. She was filmed withdrawing £400 with the stolen card at the end of her shift.

The murder of Gergana Prodanova, 38, was an incident that shook Exeter. Her husband, Kostadin Kostov, 42, was accused of murdering her and dumping her body in suitcase beside the railway line about a mile from their home.

Other notable crimes solved by CCTV include the case of Liviu-Mircea Maior, 35, who stalked and assaulted a woman after she left a bar, a drunken motorist who drove away from a crash while members of the public tried to stop him, a 21-year-old who fled the scene after a late-night joyride in a stolen bus, a cancer survivor and Devon shop worker who chased a knife-weilding robber from her store, five football thugs who walked free from court after taking part in a brawl, a brawl that broke out in an Exmouth pun after a customer flashed his genitals at two females, drunken twin brothers who attacked strangers in an outbreak in Torquay, and an arsonist who started a fire which caused £140,000 of damage in a secondhand shop.


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