Cornwall Man Still Missing As Search Enters Fifth Day


It’s been five days since the search for a young man, Daniel Clark started and he’s still not been found.

The police revealed that Clark spends his time in Illogan and in nearby Tehidy Woods which was the first point of call searched by a special search operation after appeals went viral online about his disappearance.

A Facebook page was created to help make the search easier. The page, Sunday Search for Daniel Clark has had a lot of visitors and sympathisers from far and wide who are concerned about the disappearance and are eager to help.

A Facebook commenter, Louisa Collins who also visited the page suggested the use of an hashtag #FindDanielClark to make it easy for those who want to help to do so.

Promising to do whatever she can, Louisa said: “I will help in any way I can. I’m 250 miles away but have been generating a lot of notice on posts, etc so far and will not stop until we find him.”

The police have also put out notices about the disappearance with the police in Devon and Cornwall issuing a missing persons report and calling on the public to help with any information they may have.

“Police are looking for a missing person in the Camborne and Redruth area in the name of Daniel Clark.

The family of Daniel Clark have since expressed thanks to all who have weighed in on the search for their son, expressing awe at the number of people that have come together to help find him.

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