Cornwall’s Reported Cases of Abuse and Neglect Have Nearly Doubled This Year



In the space of one year the number of safeguarding concerns in Cornwall has almost doubled, according to newly released figures.

These new figures were released by Cornwall’s Safeguarding Adults Board as part of the body’s annual report that is set to be presented to Cornwall’s councillors next week.

According to the figures, 2017/18 saw 5,433 safeguarding cases started, compared to 2,955 in the previous year, amounting to an extra 2,478. There were 4,834 individuals involved in those cases, nearly double the 2,494 of the year before.

The group also said that the sudden spike in numbers is as a result of better awareness and reporting of safeguarding issues rather than a significant rise in the rate of these cases, claiming that there has been “a steady upward trend of safeguarding concerns reported throughout 2017/18” and added that “this is generally considered a positive trend as it indicates improved awareness and reporting of safeguarding issues”.

The annual report highlights areas where improvement has been made.

“Cornwall Council adult services have significantly improved the response times to safeguarding concerns as demonstrated in this report with 100 per cent of referral cases screened on the same day that they are received in triage.

“Safeguarding referrals have continued to rise over 2017/2018 with an average of 400 concerns raised each month. This should not be seen as a failure. We want concerns to be reported by anyone so issues can be dealt with quickly and compassionately to have the best outcome, or result for everyone concerned.”


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