Cornwall’s Secret Speed Cameras


You may think you know where all of Cornwall’s speed cameras are located; I bet you a pound you probably missed some.

Most of Cornwall speed cameras are housed in the familiar yellow boxes and are well sign-posted. However, across the county, there are hidden cameras without street markings that you may not even know are cameras unless you happen to have been caught.

When traffic lights are on red, these speed cameras, which are also ‘speed on green’ devices, are used to collect evidence against vehicles that commit stop light violations at busy junctions.

How do they work?

The Red Light Camera (RLC) system is activated by inductive proximity sensors or ground loops cut into the road surface when a vehicle drives over them in a red traffic light.

They are placed at traffic light junctions, where they can be triggered to take two photographs (one second apart) of offending vehicles. A data box included in the photograph shows the speed of the vehicle, date and time of the photograph, and road lane identification.

Originally, the RLCs were only used to measure red light offences. They are now also used for speed measurement, to capture the speed of violators. During a green light, the cameras also detect vehicles that go through the junction too quickly.

UK’s Red Light Cameras are manufactured by Gatsometer BV, who since 1966 has been producing RLCs.

Location of the cameras

  • Truro – A390 Tregolls Road
  • St Austell – B2274 Truro road
  • Falmouth – A39 Dracaena Avenue



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