Crash involving a car and a motorbike close Gloucestershire road


The result of a collision between a motorbike and a car made a temporary closure in the Gloucestershire road. The incident happened around 5:30 in the afternoon in the traffic circle A345 of Teddington Hands near Tewkesbury. Traffic enforcers reportedly shut the road for safety reason.

There was no reported death on the said collision and only minor injuries on the motorcyclist. The driver of the said motorbike has been already taken to the hospital for immediate treatment.
Another car crash incident happened on roundabout Junction 6. Authorities have already responded to the incident to facilitate emergency response.

In these such accidents, drivers and motorists are advised to drive safely especially during rush hours and traffic. To avoid these kinds of accidents, it is important to know the things to do when there is a vehicle collision.
The following should be done first hand during a car collision.

• As long as there is no extreme physical damage, make sure to move away from the car to a much safer place.
• Coordinate and exchange important details to the people involved in the accident
• Do not leave the scene until the emergency service arrived
• When leaving the scene, make sure that the car or motorbike is safe to drive
• Make some proper arrangements if the car is not safe to drive for it to be recovered

Here are some things to do when witnessing a collision:
• Make sure the hazard lights are turned on
• Try to contact the emergency services using the motorway SOS phone
• To avoid another accident, move your car to a safe place
• Unless in danger, do not move the person involved in the accident and wait for paramedics
• When there is already a complete detail of information about the accident, do not forget to call 101 for proper emergency response.