Cyclist to pay £330 for riding along Bournemouth promenade.


A prosecution was brought against Alexander Wells by Bournemouth Borough Council. The hearing took place at Poole Magistrates’ Court in the defendant’s absence earlier this month.

The prosecutor, Mary Almeida, told the court that Sam Flint, a Bournemouth seafront ranger, had seen Alexander Wells, 29, riding a blue bicycle on the promenade near Bournemouth Oceanarium, on August 1, around 4.45pm.

Cycling is prohibited along the prom between 10am-6pm, throughout July and August. At other hours of the day, pedestrians still have priority over cyclists.

Ms Almeida read Mr Flint’s statement to the court. He stated that he stopped Mr Wells and told him that cycling was prohibited. Mr Wells dismounted and walked along the prom on foot, pushing his bicycle along.

Mr Flint had already radioed Mr Wells’ description to a colleague, seafront ranger Wayne Lilley, who was posted ahead on the Bournemouth promenade. Mr Lilley then observed Mr Wells riding his bicycle again. He was stopped for the second time, advised of the bylaws and penalties once again and had his personal information recorded.

Mr Wells was found guilty. He was fined £100 and was ordered to pay £200 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

Chris Saunders, head of operations, tourism and seafront at Bournemouth Borough Council, said: “Whilst enjoying what the seafront has to offer, cyclists also have a responsibility to abide by the rules and at times that means prosecuting people that deliberately endanger others.”


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