Devon farmer faces prison for cyber bullying anti-hunt campaigner


Giles Bradshaw, an Exmoor farmer, may be sentenced to jail after an Exeter Crown Court Judge found him guilty of carrying out a four-year campaign of cyber bullying against a leading anti-hunting campaigner.

The farmer sent hundreds of tweets accusing the former head of the League John Cooper of using paedophiles to photograph the children of hunt followers.

Bradshaw’s hate tweets started in 2013 after the LACS released a video of a dead stag in which a three-year-old girl was seen walking across screen. The farmer now risks jail term after violating a restraining order.

In 2015, Bradshaw was made subject of the restraining order after being convicted of harassment but violated it in September 2017 by sending a tweet which read: “Secretly filming children to harass their parents = not nice.”

An Exeter Crown Court Judge warned Bradshaw sentencing guidelines recommend a jail sentence of 12 weeks for the offence but said it could be suspended.

Bradshaw denied breaching a restraining order but was found guilty by a jury in just over an hour.

“Sentencing guidelines give a starting point of 12 weeks custody and in those circumstances, I need a pre-sentence report.

“An extraordinary amount of police and CPS time has been taken up by Mr Bradshaw’s incessant demands for disclosure. While he was correct about one attachment to an e-mail, that was nothing to do with the issue in this case.” The judge said.


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