Dorset Has Recorded the Highest Level of Child Criminal for the Last Six Years


The rate of child criminal in Dorset written in the legal system is at its uppermost peak for six years. This record is regardless of permanent trends displaying fewer kids being arraigned currently in contrast to the past decades. The most recent Ministry of Justice statistics reveals one hundred and twenty-seven children accused or warned for the first time in the twelve months to September 2018. This amount is a forty-four per cent rise on the year before and the leading figure since 2012 when one hundred and twenty-nine kids were a precaution or prosecuted. The information does not entail repeat lawbreakers. Throughout Wales and England, the number of youngsters getting to criminal justice has fallen noticeably for the last decade by eighty-five per cent.

Plan to Divert Kids from the Criminal Justice System

In Dorset, the amount of kids being prosecuted or warned has fallen by seventy-three per cent, from four hundred and sixty-seven lawbreakers in 2008. A charity focused on kids’ legal rights, Just for Kids Law, said that even though there has been a fall in the figure, they are concerned with the children entering the criminal justice system. Enver Solomon, the chief executive, said that the number displays the gains to the community which come when the law enforcers and offending youth groups emphasize on redirecting kids from the justice system, preferably than penal methods that perform slightly other than channelling them into a criminal life.

Knee Jerk Strategies May Disrupt the Improvement

Enver Solomon further stated that they are worried that various policies like the knife crime safeguarding orders could endanger the progress which is probably to attract a vast number of youngsters into the criminal justice system. Among other concerns are keeping the kids in police cells for long duration and inferior legal representation. The fact that kids have different needs and rights to grownups makes them miss out on services from quality lawyer specialists.


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