Dorset PCC Decries ‘Massively Underreported’ Rural Crime


National Rural Crime Day of Action, organised by the National Police Chiefs’ Council, was held on Thursday, November 8.

On that day, the Dorset Rural Crime Team met with enforcement partners to discuss crime and offenders in the area. Officers also conducted operations on concentrated-crime areas.

Following the event, the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill decried the underreported nature of rural crimes.

He said: “We know that rural crime is a problem. But we also know that it is massively underreported.

“Our Rural Crime Team is dedicated to tackling rural crime and work tirelessly all year round to help protect our rural communities and bring offenders of rural crime to justice.

“Recent successes include a successful prosecution for poaching resulting in a five year criminal behaviour order; a number of arrests made in relation to tractor thefts in the county; and multi-agency operations to tackle fly-tipping and illegal waste carriage.”

He lauded the improvements made in reporting rural crime, saying: “People are getting better at reporting it.

“In fact the percentage of Dorset residents not reporting it was lower than the national average according to the results of the National Rural Crime Survey. But we know that what is reported is only part of the picture.”

He encouraged members of the public to report any suspicious activity.

This would add to the intelligence picture. It would help the police get all the clues, evidence and insight needed to tackle the problem.


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