Dorset Police seize cannabis and plants from property in Dorchester


Cannabis or most commonly known as “weed” had been one of the most abused drugs throughout the globe. Although legalization of the use of this substance is observed in some countries, possession and use of cannabis are still illegal in most countries especially in Europe.

In an incident happened on Sunday, cannabis plants were found from a property in Dorset by the collaboration of Weymouth and Dorchester police officers.

According to police testimony, officers raided the place, and a 46-year-old male served as their asset to help them in locating the said property.

Initial reports stated that four (4) plants and a handful amount of the drug were retrieved. The seized drugs were estimated to be worth around £4.5k, a spokesperson confirmed.

In regards to this incident, one male was arrested by the Dorchester police officers. They also urged the good citizens of Dorset to observe and report suspicious individuals that might be involved in these kinds of activities by calling the emergency hotline number 101.

The spokesperson stated that the police will respond accordingly based on the information provided by the community. In addition, they will need the help of the people to avert crime, protect the community, and to apprehend criminals urgently and effectively.