Double Stabbing Incident in Trowbridge Connected to Illegal Drug Use


Police reports have concluded that the stabbing incident in a Tesco car park in Trowbridge has connections with the use of illegal drugs. The stabbing has put two victims in serious injuries with one in critical condition. 

Wiltshire West Community Policing Team Inspector, James Williams, has said about their continued inquiries on the stabbing incident and would want to update the community about the progress of the investigation. He also said that the investigation had shown no random nature of the attack on the two victims. He added that it could have a connection to drug-related activities common in the area. Because of this incident, the police force, according to Insp. Williams, would continue to patrol around and secure the community, while the investigations were ongoing. He has assured the community that the police would not tolerate such knife crimes and drug dealing incidents to continue causing havoc to the locals. 

The Wiltshire West Community Policing Team has been working hard in making progress with the investigation and has been asking for help from the community to participate in putting these criminals to justice. Those who have information may contact the police right away or visit the nearest community police stations, especially witnesses on the stabbing incident in Trowbridge. 


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