Drivers escape bans in Wiltshire and Hampshire despite racking up penalty points


Analysis of DVLA data show that a large number of dangerous drivers still ply the roads in Wiltshire despite accumulating enough points to qualify for a ban. The records show that about 82 drivers in the county have managed to avoid outright ban even though most of them have got at least 12 penalty points on their licences. In Wiltshire, one driver who is said to have accumulated as many as 22 penalty points is still allowed to drive.

The situation is no different in Hampshire where the record for penalty points as of July 2018 shows that altogether 60 drivers have managed to avoid a ban–27 in the New Forest area and 33 in the Test Valley area.

According to Brake, a road safety charity in the county, the current system has loopholes that are exploited by repeat offenders. The body accused the courts and the government of being complicit in the matter, and putting the lives of the public and other road users at risk. One of the loopholes exploited by offenders is the ability to convince the judicial system that they or an innocent party will suffer extreme hardship as a result of losing their driving licence.

The situation is no less bad at the national level. Across Great Britain, about 11,000 drivers are still on the roads despite having racked up as many as 40 penalty points on their licences, the worst offender being a 44-year-old man from Wolverhampton who is said to have about 54 penalty points on his licence and is still allowed to drive.

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