Establishment Owners Criticized Avon and Somerset Police Response


Exasperated business owners complain about police response in connection to repeated robberies within their establishments.

One firm company in Somerset recurrently had their fuel stolen, and in spite of obtaining a suspect, police made no arrest whatsoever to these proprietors.

A garage company also experienced burglary suggesting that 3,500 pounds worth of tools were stolen, but the police only replied that the amount was not high enough to provide a warrant to conduct a thorough investigation.

3,306 thefts in commercial buildings were reported in 2018 and in most cases, there was no reliable source of inquiries, as said by the Avon and Somerset Police Department.

AS Grenter and Son, a Glastonbury mechanics company, had its tools stolen and reported to have lost 3,500 worth of tools in their garage.

John Grenter, the owner of the said establishment said that the police only stated that the worth of the tools stolen was not high enough to conduct further investigation.

Over the last 12 months, they had their fuel stolen in eight different circumstances across the moor to the peat fields. In addition, a battery and two cameras, which are worth 2,500 pounds were stolen, according to Alvin Neil, an employee from Violate Farm Horticulture located in Glastonbury.

Neil mentioned that there was one time that a highly suspicious car was found just outside the establishment, but delayed police response resulted in losing track of the said vehicle.
Police admitted that the severity of burglaries within the area is rapidly increasing.

Avon and Somerset Police offered a follow-up investigation to the two inquiries while Mr Neil was marked as a repeated victim and had been given a crime prevention support from the department.

In most cases, the crime was done very quickly, thus providing no reliable sources of evidence such as witnesses or CCTVs that capture the robbery that can provide important information in the catching of the thieves.


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