Five drivers arrested by Dorset Police for suspected drug driving in Weymouth and Dorchester


Dorset Police has launched Operation Dragoon, in cooperation with traffic officers, to continue reminding everyone in the region, especially drivers, to never be on the wheels when under the influence of alcohol and, worse, drugs.

One of the drivers caught was arrested because of suspicion that he is driving while intoxicated with alcohol and drugs. The rest were caught up in the operation in various checkpoints situated around the region.  More than 30 were pulled over by marked and unmarked police cars in continuation of the operation. They wanted to ensure that the roads are safe from decrepit drivers due to alcohol influence or drug intoxication.

Arrested drivers were males, mid-20’s to early ’40s, and are residents or driving in the areas inside Weymouth and Dorchester. Penalties and sanctions for driving under drug and alcohol influence range from 12 months road suspension to unpaid work or unlimited fine or imprisonment for up to six months.

Some motorists were also pulled over for minor offenses, like careless driving and defected vehicles. One of the motorists checked was also caught in possession of cannabis.

Traffic unit inspector, Joe Pardey, said that the intensification was part of the efforts to proactively implement safer, risk-free road traffic in the region. Also, the operation will also help assist crime investigation units through checkpoint systems and pulling over suspicious drivers and vehicles, especially with the operations in linking drug networks, providing a wider intelligence outlook in the county as well.

Currently, the focus of the operation is to keep the roads safe for driving citizens and commuters, yet plans to spread operation Dragoon across the county are paved underway to help identify high-risk drivers on the road.

If you find high-risk drivers on the road, feel free to report this by visiting the Dorset Police website at or email them at [email protected]. You can also contact Crimestoppers on road crime incidents at 0800 555 111 or through If you suspect a driver under alcohol influence or drug intoxication, call 999 right away.