Heroic dad chased down “men in suits’ after Mini crash


A twenty-nine-year-old dad chased down two men who ran away after Mini crashed into a brick wall last night at St Peters Mount roundabout in Exwick.

Scott Mills, the heroic dad who chased the suspects on barefoot, retold the incident on how he had heard the crash outside. He immediately ran outside in hopes to help anyone who could be injured on the incident. When he reached the place where the crash came from, he saw the Mini half-buried on the brick wall. Some people were already looking at the car accident spot and told Mills that two men, wearing suits, were seen running away from the crash site.

Mills tried to chase them and had apprehended one of them who was holding a phone, seemingly exasperated trying to contact someone. The man starts to become aggressive with him and deny the accusations about the car crash incident. One started to came up to him and was about to assault him. He had pushed him down. However, the man got up and ran away. He had the other pinned against a van and waited for the police to arrive.

The police arrived at the crash site and detained the man Mills have caught. They have congratulated him for his heroic action about the incident. One is still on the run and is currently being searched by the police. He was later described as a five-foot-eight person and also has dark skin and a black stubble.

Anyone who had seen the suspect may report it to the police by calling the non-emergency number 101.