Heroin, cocaine and cannabis delivered across Somerset in return for Bitcoin and Amazon voucher code payments on WhatsApp


Recent revelations show drug dealers peddling the illegal business on marketplace sites are planning deliveries across Somerset. The dealers are targeting Cryptocurrency payments on WhatsApp.

Campaigns offering drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, MDMA, hash and heroin are on board with usernames and contact details on KIK apps and WhatsApp.

Police Spokesman for Avon and Somerset said the force is aware of the issue but downplayed its priority saying there are resources focused on organised criminals’ “crime driven drug activity”.

According to the spokesman, “Our approach to dealing with crime in Avon and Somerset force area is to apply the threat, harm risk measurement – enabling us to target resources at those most at risk and vulnerable.

“We are aware of concerns about people openly selling substances on websites but this has not been a high priority for us.

“We are concentrating resources and attentions on County Lines and serious and organised crime groups’ crime-driven drug activity, which is having the greatest impact on those who are vulnerable in our communities.”

A new Home Office pilot scheme was launched last week in the South West region – based on the Sedgemoor area.

“Project Sicga aims to combat the threat of serious and organised crime in the area by building community resilience.

“It builds on the existing Together Team initiative in the area – a partnership between Sedgemoor District Council and Avon and Somerset Police.

“The Sedgemoor project – one of just five national pilot projects in England and Wales – will look at emerging threats and aim to build the highest levels of defence and resilience in vulnerable communities, improving peoples’ lives for the better at the same time disrupting serious and organised crime.” The spokesman added.


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