Householder Shots Man who kicked in his Door and Smashed his Window


Who would have thought that a simple chasing off of the youngsters from his property would cause Jonathen Hart trouble?

It was just a normal day, Hart would never expect Todd Jukes would turn to his home. A few hours after the incident, the man turned to his resident and started smashing the door and breaking the window.

Hart, who was suffering from mental health difficulties that time due to his brain injury, shots Mr. Jukes in the leg using a ball-bearing firing starting pistol. Before firing, he first called the police and reported the incident. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the certificate for using his pistol which leads him to a appear on the court.

Hart was handed with an indefinite hospital order by Michael Longman. Judge Longman told Hart: “Both these firearms were loaded and capable of firing projectiles.”

The prosecuting team represented by Gregory Gordon, said that after Mr. Hart shots Mr. Jukes in the leg, he then informed the neighbour and reported that he had already scared Mr. Jukes using a starting pistol.

The police then, later on, found out that Mr. Hart had fired using a 44- caliber ball- bearing firing revolver and also had a 36- caliber similar weapon. In addition, two cans of pepper spray were also discovered in his home.

According to the interview, Mr Gregory said that Hart does not say something about the pepper spray. He made no comment about it during the interview. Mr. Jukes had a wound on the back of his leg. However, he declined to make a complaint. Accordding to the team, it was Dr. Andrew Todd, a forensic psychiatrist, among other doctors recommended that Hart receive an indefinite hospital order.

The defendant, represented by Robin Shellard, said that Mr. Hart fires the starting pistol and immediately reported to 999 what he has done.


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