How is Bristol City Council responding to fly-tipping incidents?


There are 8,206 recorded incidents of fly-tipping in Bristol city,  and the Bristol City Council has taken 2,474 measures
by investigating, sending warning letters, giving out fine and and prosecuting.

Fly-tipping happens at least once per hour, but roughly 60% of the cases get away from further investigation.
There is no single person prosecuted in the same year.

The Bristol council produced 524 warning letters in 2017 and 2018. Prior to that, an estimated amount of £27,555 was recorded from
the 835 warning letters sent.

Out of 169 penalty notices, only 164 had been paid. This, however, is not enough to recover the amount spent to clear away illegally
dumped rubbish.

On the measures being taken, the Bristol City Council says they are directly addressing the problem.
The council’s legal team is also investigating two to three cases for prosecution.

South Gloucestershire Council has a record of 1,617 fly-tipping incidents with only eight people to prosecute. Likewise,
North Somerset Council has no incident of taking someone to court out of the 2,215 incidents.

According to the Bristol City Council spokesperson, the whole community needs to take part in countering and standing against fly-tipping
by reporting anyone they see dumping waste illegally. They may directly report the incident and the area where the act was seen
to the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team.

Aside from the illegal act, it also largely affects the people living by it.

The Council encourages the city residents to be equally responsible for their own rubbish and be suspicious when offered waste disposal
service for a low price.

“Since April 2018, we have issued 62 fixed-penalty-notices, sent 181 warning letters and we will fine or prosecute anyone we catch dumping rubbish in public spaces,”
spokesperson added.

The Council’s enforcement team has also installed a whole new system to improve their investigation process. This gives them better access to fly-tipping reports and cases
offered by witnesses.

In addition, the team works closely with police forces for record and identification of vehicles used by fly-tippers.
The Bristol Waste Company also strengthened the gathering of illegal rubbish dumping evidence.

A fine of £50,000 will be imposed on anyone caught fly-tipping.

Witnesses may send their reports to the Bristol City Council’s website and contact 0117 9222 100.