Huge suppression will be put on speeding drivers by the police in Cornwall and Devon


A major suppression will be given on speeding drivers after the next two weeks, according to the police chief of Cornwall and Devon road.

The police will be roaming the two counties everywhere and anywhere using unmarked vehicles and camera vans that will take effect on Monday.

It was revealed that 8 local hotspots are a danger zone for pedestrians in Cornwall and Devon.

In 2017,   there were three casualties that occurred near or at each hotspot.

The Chief Inspector Adrian Leisk, which is the head of policing roads across Cornwall, Dorset, and Devon, has said “From Monday we will be focusing on speed enforcement for two weeks”.

He also said that “We will be anywhere and everywhere, using camera vans and unmarked vehicles to reintroduce the fear of being caught”.

“Too many people are becoming casualties on our roads” he added.

For only two days, there are over 500 drivers who are caught speeding in Cornwall and Devon during the latest crackdown before Christmas.

Some of these vehicles are identified as delivery vans.

There are some recorded speeds that are figuratively and literally imprudent; one example is a delivery van running at 84mph while the limit is only 60mph and a car running at 114mph on a 70mph road.