In the Courts: People Convicted by Bath Magistrates in October and November


In the month of October and November alone, many offenders have been convicted at the Bath Magistrate’s Court for committing crimes which include but not limited to speeding, indecent exposure and making indecent images of children.

The details of these offenders are published in the official court registers.

On October 30, a total of 29 people were fined by the Magistrate’s Court; 2 of them for driving without insurance and the other 27 for driving beyond the speed limits.

They were also made to pay victim surcharges and certain fees of different amounts to the court.

They are: Joseph Brian Collard, Marcus Paul Triggs, Philip Gordon Langford, Antonio Bento, Edward Brunt, Toni Amber Burrows, Nicholas Bush, Elisa Compton, Luka Deverill, Bryan Gee, Peter Richard Greenhalgh, Michael Paul John Hook, Oliver Hugh Jones, Jody James Jeanes, Elizabeth Jenkins, Christopher Paul Knight, Arkadiusz Kamil Konopinski, Rodger Kynaston, Jack Stephen Millis, Gary O’Connor, James Orchard, Paul Roberts, Albert Rodgers, Konrad Skrobisz, Graham Alec Smith, Belinda Coney, Richard Milsom, Janice Claire Weir, and Steven Basil.

On October 31, Ian Lewis Kennedy, was fined £191 for using threatening or abusive language or behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Between November 1 and 2, many other offenders were either fined or sentenced to prison for driving under the influence of alcohol, assault and theft, begging against the law, soliciting sexual activities from underage persons, driving without insurance, driving above the speed limit, animal abuse and cruelty, indecent exposure and more.




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