In The Dock: 10 people in Dorset who have appeared in court


10 people – five males and five females, have consented to charges ranging from assault, stealing, possession of hard drugs and failure to comply with courts’ restraining orders brought against by officials in Bristol. The accused who resides at Christchurch, Poole and Bournemouth, have been ordered to pay fines according to their offences.

The names of the offenders are Gavin James Elleby, Eoghan Daniel Mcglue, Jack Alexander Barnes, from Christchurch; Simon Mark James, John Raymond O’hear, Christina Jean Boggs, Steven Owen Masters, from Poole; and Kirsten Jane Raven, Lucy Kate Smith, Kanmi Fashipe, from Bournemouth.

In Christchurch, Gavin James Elleby admitted to failing to honour the appointment of the Dorset Magistrates Court for the initial offence of drug driving and threatening behaviour. The 38 year old is to pay the cost of £60. Eoghan Mcglue also admitted of assaulting and beating a female and male victim on the 12th of October, 2018. The accused has been asked to pay the victim a surcharge of £20 and the cost of £85.

Simon Mark James, from Poole, admitted to possessing crack cocaine and failure to surrender to the custody of the court. He’s been fined £130 with other costs attached. Also, from Poole, a 29-year old Christina Boggs admitted to texting a male contrary to court’s prohibition. she has been asked to pay victim’s surcharge of £115.

Elsewhere, Kanmi Fashipe, 29, has been charged for assaulting a man at Bournemouth and causing bodily harm as a result. She has been requested to pay the cost of £85 with compensation fee of £200 attached. Another female, Kristen Raven admitted to being found at Hogue Avenue on November 3, 2018, which is against the court’s prohibition. She has been committed to 12 weeks in prison with a victim surcharge fee.

The 10 culprits have been docked in Bristol for these charges.

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