Jockey Charlie Deutsch who fled police in drunk 114mph chase through Cheltenham ‘will never forget’ first night in prison


No matter how famous or powerful a person can be. One can never escape the law if you break it. One incident tells of a famous jockey named Charlie Deutsch. Mr. Deutsch shares his experience of the first night  he spent in prison. For him, it was a very terrifying experience since he did know what will happen and what he did was maintain his composure.

Charlie was jailed because of two main reasons. First, he failed the breath analyzer examination conducted by the police and the moment that he got back to his vehicle, he made a run for it. It was 114mph car chase through Cheltenham between him and the police. The incident happened in March last year and he was found guilty and was jailed in May on the same year.

The experience inside the prison was very uncomfortable and that he was very lucky to have found a job in the prison gym. He spent four hours a day in the gym to make sure that he is prepared when he will be given a chance to ride again. Other than that, the experience was very boring, he told the Times.

After serving two and two-and-a-half months of a 10-month prison sentence he was released. Indeed, he was a very fortunate man since Mrs. Williams,58, a Grand National-winning trainer offered him a second chance. She was very understanding of him because she saw that Charlie learned his lesson and faced the punishment he deserved. Not only that, his girlfriend, Meg, supported him all the way. He lost his driver’s license, so she served as his driver until the time that Charlie gets his license back.

Ever since he’s returned to the saddle, Charlie Deutsch won half of his 12 races since December 30, under the care of Mrs. Williams. And pretty sure, he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice as to break the law since he already learned his lesson the hard way.