Legal hearing stalls Bath’s 136-bed student accommodation


Proposed plans by the Bath Cricket Club to set up a cutting-edge and ultramodern 136-bed student accommodation structure may temporarily be brought to a halt. This is as a result of a legal hearing raised by the Bath Preservation Trust.

Bath councillors have approved the plan but Preservation members are of the view there is a breach and infringement on laid down green zone sites. There were some fears of environmental degradation.

To confirm how valid their claims were, Bath council members sought legal advice and direction from an autonomous party. The party confirmed the council had made the right choice and legal hearing was not likely to favour the motion from the Preservation group.

Matt Hankins, chairman of the cricket club, said: ‘’The facility would positively touch the lives of people in the community by creating awareness on wholesome living and how much fun it is to tap  into cricket as a sport. B&NES (Bath and North East Somerset Council) made the right choice and the feedback provided by the autonomous legal party leaves no one doubting the right pathway on this. The judicial hearing will only slow down the laudable benefits we have for this community.’’

On the other hand, Caroline Kay, who is the chief executive of the Bath Preservation Trust, said: ‘’the councillors should have looked at this logically and come up with more reasonable feedback.’’


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