Man from Cornwall Assisted in Dubai Princess Attempted Escape


Former Leeds United MD, David Haigh said he was part of the team who planned the failed ‘escape’ of Sheikha Latifa Mohammed Al Maktoum.

33 year old Sheikha Latifa, who claimed to be one of the 30 children of the Dubai ruler, tried to flee Dubai by yacht in March. Her aim was to seek political asylum in America.

The yacht, however, was stopped 50 miles from the coast of India and she was captured.

Five foreigners with her were detained and captured.

Amongst them were Tiina Jauhiainen, from Finland and former French-American spy, 62-year-old Jean-Pierre Hervé Jaubert who has been in Cornwall since then.

The foreigners were later released, but the princess has not been seen after she was taken.

Mr Haigh is a partner of Detained in Dubai – an organisation that gives legal support to people jailed in Dubai.

Latifa contacted him through the organisation and he decided to help her.

He said, “Behind the scenes here in Cornwall we were assisting her, and Hervé, who was the captain of the boat she was travelling on.”

About her capture, he said: “We received a distress call from Latifa along the lines of ‘I’m scared, there’s gun shots, there’s men outside’.”

After that, he shared the video she had recorded in case her escape attempt fails.

The organisation went on to conduct a Free Latifa Campaign, and have gained the backing of the United Nations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

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