More than 600 offenders are committing more crimes in Wiltshire


Unfortunately, over the year, an estimated 600 offenders in Wiltshire are becoming unstoppable for committing crimes during their release period. The said individuals are those offenders who were sentenced to short-term imprisonment. The “merry-go-round” system is now creating an environment that is at risk. Plus, the government is spending billions of pounds every year in implementing this kind of system.

According to the statistics presented by the Ministry of Justice, it shows that 24% of the 2,523 offenders in Wiltshire who were no longer in prison went to recommit crimes within a year. This 24% are those individuals whose crimes have been processed through non-custodial conviction.

Indeed, it is getting awful because these offenders seem to commit 2,290 new offenses. The numbers of crimes being committed by the same offenders are higher among juvenile individuals.

The reality now is, the system of probation for the offenders has shortcomings that make it ineffective. If the job of the law is to give the people protection, well, what is happening is not a good result.

In regards to this, a report from the HM Inspectorate of Probation revealed that 64% of adults received their chance to go out. Such a percentage refers to the offenders who committed crimes within 2019.

It is apparent that if this system is not doing its own job properly, then the economy of the Wiltshire will also suffer, especially knowing that the government is paying £7 billion to £10 billion per year.

The officials are now thinking of an alternative process to keep the public safe. Just recently, Justice Secretary David Gauke alleged that there was a chance to abolish short-term sentence of six months below, although exceptions are also observed.

With this proposed change, officials and people are expecting a positive effect on the public’s safety.


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