Names of Motorist Caught Driving at High Speed in Dorset

  • Gabriel Butnariu, 24, of St George’s Road in East London has been barred from driving till 2019. He was arrested on May 5 and convicted on November 22 of speeding and driving without appropriate insurance. He was fined £1000and ordered to pay a £50 surcharge and £85 costs.
  • Timothy Hubbard, 22 of Haycrafts Lane in Swanage was convicted of riding his motorbike at a speed of 101mphon the Puddletown Bypass on April 26. He was fined and his licence endorsed with six points.
  • Matthew Stanbury, 28 of Wimborne Road West, Wimborne was caught on May 10 driving his BMW 101mph, he was fined and given six points.
  • Daniel Gallen, 51 of Dover Road in Poole was banned from driving for six months and given six points for driving his Porsche at 83mph on Wessex Way in May. He was also fined and ordered to pay costs.
  • Ryan White, 26 of Holmes Road in Swanage was caught in May driving on the A35 Upton Bypass at 104mph. He was fined and given six points on his licence.
  • Nicholas Curtis, 58 of Woolslope Road, West Moors already has six points on his licence when he was caught driving at nearly 120mph on the Spur Road. He was banned from driving for six months and fined £750.
  • Mitchell Stuart, 21 of Brudenell Avenue in Sandbanks was fined and barred from driving for 30 days. He was caught speeding at 55mph when he already had six points on his licence.

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