National Crime Agency to Investigate Arron Banks


Arron Banks, the 52-years old millionaire business man has been referred to the National Crime Agency by the Electoral Commission.

This investigation is linked to his financial involvement in Leave.EU campaign during the Brexit referendum in 2016.

The Electoral Commission had been investigating Mr Banks since November 2017 and has stated that the National Crime Agency will now be investigating him for a number of “suspected criminal offences.”

The commission has also stated that the investigation is about the loans from Mr Banks to some organisations. It has been reported that Arron Banks via his group of insurance companies loaned Better for the Country the sum of £2,000,000. In addition, Mr Banks singlehandedly funded the organisation with the sum of £6,000,000.

According to the Electoral Commission, there are “reasonable grounds to suspect” Mr Banks as he was found not to be the real source of the loans. It is believed that the funds were transferred from a company in the Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

The National Crime Agency confirms that whilst it cannot share any details, investigations involving Better for the Country, Leave.EU, Arron Banks and Elizabeth Bilney, have commenced.

So far, Mr Banks has denied committing any crime.

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