Ofsted praises action to tackle child sexual abuse in Cornwall


Following an inspection carried out by Ofsted, agencies in Cornwell are being praised for their role in the tackling of child sexual abuse.

Ofsted, the Care Quality Commission, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services and HM Inspectorate of Probation, after carrying out an inspection were happy to find a people dedicated to protecting and supporting children vulnerable to sexual abuse.

Although the inspection comes at a time when Cornwall County Council is looking to restructure and add more plans to the children’s services, the inspection team was still impressed with the work they have done on child sexual abuse so far.

The inspection team were roused that Cornwall County Service offered and still offers therapy that provides emotional support for the affected children with a strong level of unwavering support across a large country as theirs.

In their report, the inspection team still expressed how impressed they were as they stated that “There is a wide range of appropriate commissioned services and a strong involvement of schools and of specialist psychological and therapeutic services, such as Jigsaw, which provides individual psychological support to children. All of this contributes to improved life chances and outcomes for children,”

Amidst all the praise, the inspectors didn’t fail to highlight some challenges that needed to be tackled. They mentioned that the Health Organizations were being left out of strategy meetings and the wrong police decisions weren’t getting challenged enough. They also noticed that delays often came up with providing information when children were first identified as being prone to sexual abuse.

However, they were sure that with the solidarity and commitment already shown, these challenges would be tackled soon.

The council’s lead member for children and wellbeing, Sally Hawken didn’t fail to show appreciation to Ofsed’s praises as she said: “I am pleased that inspectors have recognised the commitment, hard work and achievements of dedicated staff across all agencies to reduce the risk of harm to our children and young people in Cornwall.”


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