Owner’s heartbreak after beloved horse stolen from farm in Bodmin


During the past millennia, humans had been with animals. Some use them as their source of livelihood while many consider them as part of the family. A tragic event happened Sunday night where a Shire mare horse, named Ellie, got stolen from Joe Hilton’s farm just behind Bodwin College while he was out visiting a friend.

Female Shire mares are high-quality horses especially the breeding horses. They weigh about a tonne, so the owner believed that the thieves orchestrated the robbery carefully. There was one horse together with Ellie, but the other was not taken. Ellie’s tacks were also stolen. They broke into his father’s tack room but only took Ellie’s tacks. Joe was convinced that the proprietors only wanted to steal Ellie.

Stable doors had been unlocked and the mare was taken out.

He didn’t expect this incident to happen since he believed that his farm was pretty secure. There was only one way in and out the main gate. His assumption is that the thieves didn’t use the gate but took Ellie across two fields and out onto the road.

Joe felt very terrible upon hearing the news. Luckily, Ellie had been microchipped and the crime was reported to the police. Recent police updates state that they had found Ellie, and they are already dealing with the situation.