Photo Booth Set Up in Prison to Help Improve Kids’ Experience in Visiting Their Dads


A photo booth installed in a privately run HMP Lowdham Grange has become extremely popular among its inmates and their families.

The said photo booth was installed back in March with the objective of providing a more fun experience for children who go to prison to visit their dads. Up to date, the photo booth was already used over 2,200 times since March.

Serco, the prison’s operator, shares that the inmates can take group shots together with their visiting relatives through the photo booth.

The Nottinghamshire prison praises this move and considered the installation of the photo booth as a good innovation.

The photo booth in the Lowdham Grange was supposed to be a trial. After the positive feedback and effect of the photo booth to the inmates and their relatives, Serco said that there is now a plan to install photo booths in other prisons as well.

The idea behind the installation of the photo booth came from the ministers who wanted these inmates to be more connected with their relatives and loved ones. That’s why they came up with ways to provide the prisoners with better access with their relatives and friends.

Aside from the photo booth, the government has also made an announcement last month about the plan to make it possible for a thousand inmates from England and Wales to make phone calls right from the prison cells.

In a report from HMIP or HM Inspectorate of Prisons, another good practice that the Lowdham Grange implemented is the “violence hotline”. The “violence hotline” was implemented to improve the safety inside the prison since the August inspection stated that there is a high number of violent incidents considering that it’s for a category B training prison.

Basically, the violence outline is a service where inmates can report any concern especially if it involves violence or any anti-social behavior.

The prison has also already begun the use of technology in scanning every mail that is sent to the prisoners. This is to make sure that no mail containing drugs will be able to enter the prison. If a mail is confirmed to contain drugs, the prison staff will have to destroy it.

In conclusion, Serco said that he is determined to improve the condition at the prison.