Police and Fire Service Raided Chickerell Road, Weymouth


Just about 12 pm yesterday, Dorset police officers procured a warrant of arrest involving the Misuse of Drugs act at a property in Chickerell Road, Weymouth.

The police were able to arrest two men suspected of offences regarding the use and distribution of illegal drugs.

A man, 19 years of age, who lives in Liverpool was apprehended with the suspicion of having a Class A drug in his possession and with the intent to sell.

The second man was arrested with the help of fire teams and police and after authorities found him on the roof of a nearby house. He was found at a location adjacent to the junction of A354, Rodwell Road.

With the commotion happening, local citizens and eyewitnesses congregated in Checkerell road to see for themselves what was happening. The incident was responded by police dog units, fire vehicles and armed police officers.

The man was arrested with the aid of fire officers who went to the roof to apprehend the suspect who was believed to be involved with the drug supply in Checkerell, as stated a police spokesperson.

This operation wouldn’t be possible without the reliable intelligence provided by two police assets.

Two local citizens implied that this was not the first police operation that happened recently.

People are not feeling very safe anymore — many are securing their homes even more tightly with the events that are currently happening. This is truly an alarming matter in this quiet town.

Everybody is responsible for confronting drug alleged individuals. Not only the government authorities but also the local citizens must go hand in hand in combatting drug-related issues. The police are encouraging any able body to provide information involving the production and selling of illegal drugs in their locality.

For inquiries or reports, you can contact Dorset police by calling the hotline number 101, emailing at [email protected] or simply visiting the website www.dorset.police.uk.


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