Police Appeals for More Information as the Investigation on High Street Altercation Incident Continues


Avon and Somerset’s police have been appealing to the public for information about the road confrontation incident at High Street that happened last month. 

The high street confrontation happened on January 27, when a suspected driver overtook a Peugeot and harassed the driver, including threats assaulted to him by the suspect. The incident had taken place in a centre of a Somerset village at 12:30 PM. The reason why the road altercation took place has not been known yet, but investigations were ongoing and would soon give light to the incident. Since then, the police had been on the lookout for the suspect’s Ford Fusion car so that the driver, who had incurred criminal offences through the incurred assaults, will be brought to justice. 

Police officers have, since then, went on investigating the place where the said incident happened and have been inquiring the locals in the said Somerset village for more information. They have been appealing to the public, as well, to help the police force locate the suspect and bring him to trial on accounts of assault and damages to property, as they have kicked the doors of the victim’s car, as well as shouted obscenely with harassing words against him.

You can help in making progress to this investigation. For those who have information on the whereabouts of the suspect or the incident itself, you can coordinate with the Avon and Somerset police by contacting them on emergency hotline 101. You can also contact them through their website at www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/contact. Simply provide the reference number 5219019231 to the line operator and a police officer would be in touch with you shortly. Should you want to give information on the incident anonymously, contact Crimestoppers by calling their hotline at 0800 555 111 and provide the same reference number. You may also report it online through bit.ly/1pwX4Zm. 


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