Police Data Reveals the Most Dangerous Streets in Bristol


Union Street reported more offences than anywhere else with a total of 386 between September 2017 and August 2018. The largest category of crime reported in the data was anti-social behaviour with 121 reports.

Shoplifting was reported 112 times 46 reports were for violent and sexual offences, 44 were for public order offences. Four of the ten streets are in the Broadmead area, the worst street with violent and sexual offences was Farr’s Lane with 110 of such crimes reported. Next is Groves with 99 followed by Orchard Avenue in the city centre with 84 and North Street in Bedminster with 62.

The worst street for drug related offences was Broad Weir with 24 offences reported.

The ten most dangerous streets in Bristol are:

  • Union Street, Broadmead – 386 offences
  • Penn Street, Broadmead – 376 offences
  • Farr’s Lane, Harbourside – 375 offences
  • Stokes Croft – 250 offences
  • Silver Street, Broadmead – 236 offences
  • The Groves, Hartcliffe – 234 offences
  • Park Street Avenue, City Centre – 196 offences
  • Regent Road, Bedminster – 195 offences
  • Broad Weir, Broadmead – 185 offences
  • Anchor Road, City Centre – 184 offences

Explaining in details the figures, the Avon and Somerset constabulary clarified that some streets appeared on the list because of their proximity to shopping areas or nighlife. The street locations do not represent the exact location of where a crime occurred but is an approximation which means the figures for each street will differ slightly from the actual figures.

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