Police to launch huge crackdown on speeding drivers in Devon and Cornwall


Road accidents are common in a county, but it went way over the expected rate at Devon and Cornwall, so authorities took action immediately. An announcement was made by Devon and Cornwall’s road policing chief that for the next two weeks, prime repression of speeding drivers will be implemented.

To increase their chances of catching speeding drivers in Devon and Cornwall, the police will use both unmarked cars and camera vans in their arsenal. Newly acquired data showed the eight local areas that are most dangerous for pedestrians. Three casualties were reported directly near the hotspots in 2017.

Chief Inspector Adrian Leisk, the head of roads policing across Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset announced to the public that starting Monday, their team of officers will be more focused on speed enforcement for the next 2 weeks.

The chief also emphasized that he will use the necessary tools to imprint the fear of getting caught to drivers who indisputably speed over the limit and stated that he and his officers will be “anywhere and everywhere” just to catch any driver who’ll break the law.

A large number of people had been victims of road accidents because of drivers who speed over the limit. Because of this, police cars were equipped with state of the art equipment such as Automated Number Plate Recognition and Speed Detection systems. The police will also use the information given to them by assets to effectively catch the proprietors. They will use any means necessary just to prevent road accidents from happening.

In just two days, over 500 drivers were sharply caught speeding in a recent crackdown last year just before Christmas. 121 of these drivers driving class restricted automobiles like delivery vans, delivery trucks etc. A few of the drivers caught went way over the limit with one car going up to 114mph whenthe limit was 70mph.