Robberies in Bristol Park: Two teenagers are Wanted for Questioning


Two teenagers are wanted for questioning by the police after a series of robberies in Bristol Park. Three suspected teenagers were arrested but have been granted bail though the case is still under investigation.

The police have subsequently released the pictures of two wanted suspects who are at large and are inviting them for questioning in regards to their involvement in the series of robberies around the St George’s Park.

On October 26, Avon and Somerset Constabulary told Bristol Live it believed the three attacks were linked–two of which happened in St George’s Park and one which took place in Meadow Vale Park. The police force has pledged to make use of “whatever powers” they can “to ensure St George’s Park and the surrounding area remains a pleasant area for the local community to enjoy” and on the 12th of November, they released two CCTV images and a statement appealing for help in identifying the two people pictured to curb the menace. Locals are hereby implored to contact the police immediately about any useful information needed to expedite this case.

To avoid a recurrence, the police have advised the general public who regularly use the parks to be careful and avoid unlit pathways.


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