Robbers cart away valuables from Carphone Warehouse outlets in Devon and Cornwall


Four outlets from the Carphone Warehouse chain have been raided by robbers between October 31 and November 1. The stores affected are located in Truro, St Austell, Newton Abbot and Tavistock.

The store in Newton Abbot was hit on October 31 and valuable phones were stolen. The police arrested four men believed to be connected to the robbery and they remain in custody at Torquay.


On November 1, the robbers raided the store in Truro. At 10am, an hour after the Truro store was robbed, Carphone Warehouse in St Austell was also hit and an employee named Melissa King confirms that nine valuable phones were taken.

She also mentioned that there was blood at the scene of the crime left behind by the robbers after sustaining some cuts. It is reported that forensic officers from Cornwall and Devon Police combed the crime scene for three hours.

The robbers then moved to the outlet in Tavistock, Devon and also stole valuables. An employee indicates that they may have tried to hit the store in Barnstaple, Devon but a security operative from Boots, across the road chased them away.

The Carphone Warehouse, through a spokesperson stated that they prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all staff and customers and are cooperating with the authorities in their investigations.

The police are investigating to determine the connectedness of the crimes and the level of involvement of the suspects arrested.



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