Second break in attempt in six weeks, on the Beckham’s Cotswolds estate


After masked criminals tried to break into David and Victoria Beckham’s country house six weeks ago, in Great Tew, Oxfordshire, there has just been a second attempt.

A source close to the family says that it now seems like a persistent attempt to gain access to the house every time the family is away.

At the time of the attempt on the £6 million Cotswolds estate, no one from the family was home. It is thought that two attack dogs and seven security guards gave the intruders a run from the grounds.

The couple is re-evaluating their security as this is the second incident after that of Friday, October 19, when intruders were noticed by the 24-hour security surveillance team, on the property’s CCTV.

After the first attack, they laid on extra security to prevent any further occurrence – regular patrols and motion sensor alarms – including the guard dogs and several staff who were able to ward off the criminals the second time.

In October, three men, who are yet to be caught or identified, used a ladder to peer into the house, and then fled from the scene.

The family was in Australia at the time, as they were resolute to remain in the country to support Prince Harry and the Invictus Games.

Soho Farmhouse, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ favourite, has the £6 million estate – where the couple and their four children frequently spend their weekends – close by.


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