Seven People from West Dorset Who Have Been Before the Courts Recently


Courts in West Dorset have seen several people arraigned in the last couple of months.

They fall within the ages of 19 and 66, and were fined for offences including drug possession, assault and driving over the speed limit.

Paul George Wollage, 40, from Bridport admitted possessing a quantity of cannabis, a Class B drug. He was fined £80 and another cost of £45. He was also fined £40 for destroying a door of £152.13 value.

Pawel Zdunkowski, 24, from Bridport admitted using a vehicle that was not road worthy. He was fined £133 and is to pay costs of £85. His driving record has also been endorsed with 3 penalty points.

David William Huckle, 66, from Abbotsbury and Jodee Louise Keating, 32, from Canonicorum were arraigned for driving over the speed limit of 30mph on West Road, Bridport and the A35 Winterbourne Abbas. Both have been fined and their driving records endorsed with penalty points.

Rachel Christina Mortimer, 48, from Higher Bockhampton admitted committing assault by beating. She was discharged conditionally for 12 months and is to pay costs of £85.

Brendan Lee Whitehead, 29, from Crossways, was issued a restraining order, fined and ordered rehabilitation for using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with the intent to cause someone to believe that immediate unlawful violence would be used against them by any person.

19-year-old Alec Edward Ian Dodd from Frampton violated his restraining order and was given community service of 90 hours of unpaid work for 1 year.

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